Immigration processes are not linear processes of cause and effect so you need someone who is in your corner at all times. When searching for an immigration lawyer people want to see reviews from clients to get a better understanding of what to expect. Below are reviews from some of my clients:
I found Tanya Dimitova on an internet search looking for a Bulgarian immigration lawyer who could help me with my plan to move to Bulgaria. At that stage I was unaware of her website and the well deserved excellent reviews which she has received. From the start Tanya inspires confidence, with her knowledgeable practical grasp of the subject. Tanya laid out the conditions that should be met in order to get a Residence Permit, and what documents she would need. One of the things I also noticed about Tanya was her ability to win over sometimes reluctant officials and get their cooperation and engagement. When a member of her staff later became ill she did not hesitate to travel over the whole breadth of Bulgaria, in spite of the Covid pandemic, to attend the Immigration Department in Blagoevgrad in person, to assist with lodging my application for the Residence Permit. Two days later I was in receipt of my Residence Permit ID card. The result speaks for itself, Tanya is a highly trustworthy professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
G. Fokias
Tanya has been so helpful! We have a fairly complicated case and she has not let it stop her from providing amazing service. She is quick to communicate, great at keeping us informed throughout the process and ready to help when we need anything. I highly recommend her for any immigration concerns and will only use her going forward.
L. Michener
Tanya has made the process of obtaining a visa incredibly simple. She handled all the paperwork and made it very clear what I needed to do. Tanya was always quick to answer my questions, despite the time difference between us. I would highly recommend her!
D. Christiansen
Having come to work in Bulgaria from another country we had many things to learn about and negotiate, and Tanya’s great command of the English language and friendly and approachable manner have made her a pleasure to work with. She is both knowledgable and efficient and works promptly. We were also impressed by how Tanya kept in contact with us throughout our business, keeping us up to date at all stages of the process! We highly recommend her and will definitely use her again ourselves.
C. Ross
Tanya went beyond our expectations in her service.  She was responsive and thorough and took time to ensure our questions were answered.  Her caring and attentive nature were a welcome relief from difficult governmental processes.  We highly recommend Tanya's services!
J. Sweet
Tanya has been a life-saver for our family! She has a great knowledge of the constantly changing legal system, great relationships established with various office personnel, and an answer to every question we could ever have. She goes out of her way to make sure we are cared for, and accompanies us personally every step of the way. Bureaucracy in Bulgaria is a nightmare for us to handle on our own, but we always feel confident working with Tanya.
D. Hays
We have always been very impressed with the service Tanya has provided for us. It is always very assuring to know that we have someone we can call when we have questions or if we run into trouble as ex-pats.
J. Postlewaite
From the very first meeting at the waiting line in the Sofia Immigration Office with Tanya Dimitrova she projected honesty, friendliness and professionalism. …Two years later and two Visas secured by Tanya, she continues to show this strong attention to details and problem solving, signs of a strong professional. You want to have her in your corner. I would recommend her to anyone seeking legal help in securing Permanent Residency in Bulgaria.
G. Smrikarov
We have worked with Tanya Dimitrova for 2 years, starting before we moved to Bulgaria.  She helped us get our first VISA and has helped us renew it two times.  She is very professional, proactive, and detail oriented, sending us timely reminders each year, telling us all specific documents and funds needed for the visa process.  We would highly recommend Tanya as an immigration lawyer.
D&B. Kanelos
Through the “jungle” of regulations concerning becoming a resident in Bulgaria, Tanya Dimitrova guided us on the way out. She thought of many details we would have forgotten, always responded quick and had for all our questions a well thought through and well researched answer coming from her vast experience. We strongly recommend her services and wish you do not have to try those of others first.
J. Hansen
Recently my family and I were dissatisfied with the lawyer that we hired to handle our residency in Bulgaria. On the recommendation of a friend, we hired Tanya and her services have been nothing short of extraordinary.
From the start, she aggressively pursued us and gave us clear instructions for what we needed for every step of our residency application. When the time came to submit the documents, Tanya traveled several hours by train in order to assist us in person. When our documents were only approved for six months instead of the standard twelve, Tanya refunded part of her fee, even though it wasn’t her fault.  Tanya has been a joy to work with. She has always gone the extra mile for my family and I, and we could not be more pleased with her work! I wholeheartedly recommend her to you without reservation!
M. Hagsten
Without Tanya's guidance and legal skill, I never would have been able to manoeuvre my way though the ever-changing complexities of the Bulgarian immigration system. She is trustworthy, hard working, and talented.
R. Steers
I am from Eagan, Minnesota. In May of 2017 I moved to Bulgaria. It was the first time I had ever moved internationally and honestly it was very overwhelming! New laws, new language, new culture, and tons of paperwork. Thankfully I was connected with Tanya Dimitrova and she helped me through EVERYTHING. She prepared all my visa paperwork, helped me with bank issues, and even directed me through basic everyday life things. She is very professional, timely, and easy to work with. I never hesitated to ask her for help with anything. She is so kind and very thoughtful!  I would recommend anyone to work with Tanya. I’m very thankful for her. She made my hard 18 months in Bulgaria much much easier!
E. Armbrust
Tanya was very helpful in helping me reapply for residency. She made sure I had everything ready beforehand. If I needed anything, she was always prompt in responding to my questions and concerns.
H. Tester
We have always been grateful to work with Tanya. She is organized, well-informed, and very personable. We never worry about the details, knowing that we are in her capable hands.
S. Hawkins
We have always been so pleased with Tanya's legal assistance.  She is quick to respond to questions, helpful in all areas of legal immigration and our foundation, and truly gets the job done.  She is very professional, and we highly recommend her services.
Tanya has been a great help and blessing to our organization. She is easy to work with and she is very knowledgeable about the laws in Bulgaria. She responds to our texts, emails or phone calls within a short period of time and often in the midst of our own self-made crisis. I recommend her to anyone coming to Bulgaria that needs a good, trustworthy and friendly lawyer. She gets five out of five stars in my opinion.
P. Hubley
Living in Bulgaria as a foreigner and non E.U. Citizen requires understanding of the legal process that is specific to Bulgaria and your country of origin. Tanya Dimitrova was refereed to us from reliable Bulgarians and Tanya was able to surpass our expectations as a lawyer. She was timely, proficient and exact with the documents we needed as well as for the preparation before hand. Not only was she able to provide professional legal council she also gave us sound advice on additional questions for maneuvering life here in Bulgaria.
G. Hillman
Operating a NGO in Bulgaria has multiple layers of legal needs, from registration to operating within the correct legal process with ever changing legal needs. Our relationship with the legal services of Tanya has been very beneficial for the dynamic programs in multiple areas of Bulgaria in which we serve. With several different types of partners it is extremely valuable that we provide creditably when working with young leaders and youth. Tanya has given us the legal confidence that we serve within the legal understandings of Bulgarian law.
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